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FIRM PROFILE / CT MIMARLIK – CT DESIGN STUDIO LTD. CT Mimarlik, located in Istanbul, is one of Turkey’s leading architectural design firms.

It has been established in 1996 by Çağlayan Tuğal, who is the sole founder and owner. The firm is known for its excellence architectural, interior design, restoration and renovation services as well as applications.

CT Mimarlik’s expertise encompasses a full range of project types in various scales. It has been recognized by numerous significant projects such as the restoration of TOPKAPI PALACE TREASURY SECTION , architectural design and construction of NTV STATION STUDIO, TIM Show Center, interior decoration of a 1.600 m² residence on the top floor of RITZ CARLTON, METROCITY and DIVAN BOMONTY, high-rise residences, such as QUASAR Residence, Al Tower Residence, many hotels (such as SHERATON ISTANBUL, CROWN PLAZA MINSK, BODRUM KUUM HOTEL, VICEROY HOTELS RESORTS RESIDENCES BODRUM etc. ) and renovation of ANITKABIR ATATURK MUSEUM. Other finished projects include many residential houses, offices, and boutiques.


Caglayan Tugal has been educated as an architect and interior designer at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul and is currently a member of The Chamber for Architects. His collaborative team contribute to the entire design process.

The team is proficient in providing a range of services from project administration, building construction services to design and construction project formation. CT Design Studio Ltd. has established two years ago in London as a collaborating CT Mimarlik’s Architectural and İnterior Designing works in UK.